25 December 2019

Raymond Briggs

I was first introduced to Raymond Briggs with Fungus the Bogeyman, and then his dystopian heartbreaker When the Wind Blows. I hadn't realized he was already famous in the UK for his holiday stories, The Snowman, and the two Father Christmas books. Briggs himself claims to have no real attachment to Christmas, but for all that, here's some cheer. You'll probably recognize the line in his drawings, which feels altogether specific and familiar.

Bless us each and every one, in this season of both want and plenty.


Eve Fisher said...

Oh, I must get a hold of some of his books. I laughed so hard at his "I hate winter!"
Thanks for cluing me in!

John Floyd said...

Interesting, David! Thanks for this.

Pat Marinelli said...

Enjoyed this. Love the black cat on his shoulders all the time.

Leigh Lundin said...

Clearly he'd spent some time in a winter outhouse! Brrr.

Thanks for continuing my education, David.