07 July 2014


by Robert Lopresti

Sometimes when I'm writing well
All the world can go to hell
There's a tale I have to tell
Fiction front page news

Sometimes when I'm in the zone
I just want to be alone
Shut the door and cut the phone
Mingle with my muse

Sometimes when I'm deep in plot
Striking when the iron is hot
Eat or sleep, I'd rather not
Glued into my chair

Sometimes when the words flow through
Every scene is something new
Every word is bright and true
Writing's like a prayer

Sometimes dialog's a dream
Action thunders, settings gleam
Heroes dare and villains scream
Lovers meet and kiss

Sometimes when the muse won't play
I can't find a thing to say
Still I sit here anyway
Writing trash like this


Fran Rizer said...

Rob, I loved that "trash."

Fran Rizer said...

Rob, I loved that "trash."

David Dean said...

Clever and funny, Rob. And not the least bit trashy. Thanks.

Leigh Lundin said...

That brought a big grin for the morning!

Melodie Campbell said...

Perfect last line!

Anonymous said...

Loved this one! Thelma Straw in Manhattan

Dixon Hill said...

Proof, Rob, that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I, for one, like your rhyme a lot.


Louis A. Willis said...

LOL. I think it's the right cyber word.

Jan Grape said...

Clever and funny. Not trashy at all. Thanks for covering for me. Some days I think I'll go back to using my old typewriter and forget all this electronic stuff. MAKES ME NUTTY.

Eve Fisher said...

Been there. Done that. Just not in that good a rhyme or meter!

A Broad Abroad said...

Sometimes at the end of day
Sun’s set, I've made my hay
I sit a while with supper tray
SS I would not miss

After a long day, just the smile I needed - thanks Rob.

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not the least bit trashy And Just not in that good a rhyme or meter!
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