22 January 2012

David Dean, Edgar Nominee

David Dean is nominated for an Edgar Award for his story 'Tomorrow's Dead' in Ellery Queen. How cool is that!

Oh, if you want to read that Sunday guy, he's just below.


  1. David, congrats and my sincerest wishes that YOU are the winner!

  2. Congratulations, David Dean. I hope you get it!

  3. tara kensington22 January, 2012 11:22

    I read all the sleuthsayers stories in EQ and AH and love them. Congratulations to YOU!

  4. I have a friend who was nominated for a certain award so often that he had a button made to wear at the event. It said; it's an honor just to be nominated. saved him time.

    The point i am making here is that anyone who gets nominated at the Edgar level is already a winner.

    mucho congrats!

  5. Congratulations, David. As you know, I very much like Tomorrow's Dead.

    You can read more about David's writings on Criminal Brief.

  6. Wonderful! I've been waiting for you to put up a spot where we could congratulate David properly and here it is.
    Proper congratulations,David. The honor is well deserved.

  7. Now that you're nominated, do you have to kiss babies, release your tax forms, and debate Newt Gingrinch? You know that all SleuthSayers and our readers are thrilled for you.

  8. Velma was very kind to post the news of my nomination and, as always it seems, I am in both her and Leigh's debt.

    I want to say thanks to my SleuthSayer brothers and sisters, as well as to our readers, for all your support and well-wishes; I am truly touched. And Rob is right, of course, the nomination is an honor in of itself, and I am very glad to have a few months to enjoy it before the final announcement. I have read Peter Turnbull's story and, if his writing is indicticative of the competition, the outcome is definitely in play. That being said, it is wonderful to find myself part of a family of such warm and caring siblings. I am well blessed in many ways, and not least in the company (real and virtual) that I keep. Thank you all.

    Velma, the debate with Newt is being negotiated as I write, but that tax release statement may take a little while--these things are very complicated, you know. In the meantime, I'll kiss any baby, or his mom, any time; anywhere.


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