24 October 2012

Flash Fiction

by Robert Lopresti

I walked up to the counter in the public library.  "Excuse me.  Did anyone turn in a thumb drive yesterday?"

Wordle: Lost and Found
"Several," said the clerk.  "What color was it?"

"White.  Well, more of a cream."

She nodded and sorted through a box behind the counter.  "One of these?"  There were five, almost identical.

I gave them a careful look-see.  "That's the one!"

She handed it to me.  I said thanks and took it back to my seat.  I plugged the flash drive into my laptop and started scrolling through the files. Based on their titles the drive's previous owner had had a great interest in knitting and cake recipes.  Not much of a speller either.

Pretty boring.  But I would keep looking.

There had to be a story idea in there somewhere.


Leigh Lundin said...

Wicked, Rob, wicked.

Diane Chamberlain said...

lol! I could use one of those right now. . . .

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Rob, did you actually do this experiment? Library fraud--tsk tsk!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Flash fiction---groan!

Robert Lopresti said...

liz, see title.