14 February 2020

Crime Scene Comix Case 2020-02-008, Not-so-Healthful Spa

Once again we highlight our criminally favorite cartoonist, Future Thought channel of YouTube. We love the sausage-shaped Shifty, a Minion gone bad.

Did I say sausage shaped? Without clothes, our little villain doesn't have much shape at all. On the run, our none-too-bright criminal drops into a health spa. Uh-oh. What could go wrong?

That’s today’s crime cinema. Hope you enjoyed the show. Be sure to visit Future Thought YouTube channel.


O'Neil De Noux said...

I like these cartoons in the morning.

Eve Fisher said...

As always, that was a lot of fun. Thanks!

Velma said...

Thank, O'Neil and Eve. And especially thanks to the clever folks at Future Thought.

dong said...
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