27 May 2017

If The Goddaughter moved to other Genres (a seriously non-serious post)

Last year at about this time, my publisher gave me a challenge.  “We want to try some women’s
fiction for the Rapid Reads line,” she said. "So I need a book from you by August."

Huh?  Me, the scribe of mob comedy, write Chicklit?  Romance?  Okay, can I make it funny, I asked?  Luckily they went thumbs up.  And so WORST DATE EVER comes out in September this year.

More on that later.  This column is about something else.

Point being, all this writing-out-of-genre got me thinking.  Crime has always been my thing.  I write about a mob goddaughter who doesn’t want to be one.  Her inept mob family never gets it right.   

What would happen if Gina Gallo, the original mob goddaughter, were to be dragged kicking and screaming out of crime, and plunked right down into another genre.  Or three.  So here goes.

(on a stage coach near you)

Gina:  “Please move over.  You’re taking up two seats.”

Bad guy Cowboy: “Hey little lady.  You can sit right here on my lap.  What’s a pretty little thing like you doing with that mighty big revolver, anyway?”

Gina (demonstrating):  <BLAM>

Cowboy drops to the floor.

Gothic Romance:
(in a seriously spooky old manor)

Fiendish male character, rubbing hands together:  “You’ll never escape me, my pretty.  Never!”

Gina (looking around): “Are you sure this isn’t a set for The Rocky Horror Picture Show?”

Fiend:  “Enough!  You’ll be my wife with or without the church.”

Gina (extracting knife beneath skirt): <THWOCK>

Fiend drops to the floor.

(at a slam poetry evening)

Male Poet:  “Stop.Cry.Laugh.Love not war.Peace not profit.Climate change.Capitalists.Love crimes.War crimes.Killing oceans.Killing whales.Every other cliché you can think of.Pain.I’m in pain.A pain so great.

Gina: <BLAM>

Poet is out of pain, and so is everyone else.

To be continued…(or not, if someone takes out the writer first)

Just released!  THE BOOTLEGGER’S GODDAUGHTER, book 5 in The Goddaughter series
“…the work of an author at the absolute top of her game” Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews

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  1. Sounds as if the Godfather's Daughter could profitably get out more often! I think the poetry circuit in particular would be fertile ground.

  2. I'm waiting for the Goddaughter to be in a boddice ripper.

  3. Sci-fi, too. I can picture Gina on the Starship Enterprise when Spock gets too logical...

    This post illustrates John Floyd's previous discussion about the values of genre-hopping and not getting too stuck in a rut.


  4. I'd love to see Gina kick some serious alt-right butt!

  5. That was fun, Melodie. Gina clearly knows how to adapt to any situation (at least, any situation involving a threatening or irritating person).

  6. Oh, I loved that! (Especially the poetry reading!)

  7. Janice, for the poetry circuit would be lethal ground - grin. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Barb, I already spoofed that genre in the Rowena through the Wall series - grin.

  9. Steve, I have been called a 'literary slut' for the amount of genre hopping I do (and also been scolded for repeating the phrase - grin) Thanks for commenting!

  10. Eve, I'm from Canada. Our conservatives are left of your Democrats! But what a tasty idea...grin

  11. BK - I'm beginning to think my heroine gets irritated easily. Where could that possibly have come from?

  12. Jeff, I swear to Gawd I've been at that very reading. I think they took me out a sobbing, head-bonking wreck. Thanks for commenting!


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