06 April 2017

Little Big News: ITW Nominees 2017

The International Thriller Writers have named their nominees for 2017.  COngrats to the short story finalists:
  • Eric Beetner — “The Business of Death” UNLOADED: CRIME WRITERS WRITING WITHOUT GUNS (Down & Out Books)
  • Laura Benedict — “The Peter Rabbit Killers” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)
  • Brendan DuBois — “The Man from Away” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)
  • Joyce Carol Oates — “Big Momma” (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)
  • Art Taylor — “Parallel Play” CHESAPEAKE CRIMES: STORM WARNING (Wildside Press)


  1. Art, you got a nod for another nomination. Congrats.

  2. Congratulations again, Art! I'm so glad that outstanding story got another nomination. (I've got a feeling it won't be the last nomination, either.)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Rob, and glad to be representing the SleuthSayers here! And thanks to everyone for the fine encouragement. I'm thrilled and honored and humbled to have my work be ranked among such a distinguished group of stories and authors. :-)

  4. First, congrats to Art. But I have to apologize to everyone, especially Brian. I meant to put this up in my Little Big Crimes blog but got caught by the evil new rule in Blogger that they set you up in whichever blog you used most recently. Curses! Didn't mean to run over your entry, Brian.


  5. Ha, Rob--I wondered! Certainly understand how this could happen. :-)


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