18 September 2016

Flights of Fancy

by Leigh Lundin

Psssst. At least half the staff of SleuthSayers is attending New Orleans Bouchercon where they likely suffer from hangovers, our offices are virtually empty, my computer’s keyboard is dying a deplorable death, and I have neither criminal nor literary news to report. So… let’s sneak out to the movies, something about the life of a writer.

How is your Bouchercon weekend?


  1. Yeah, that's what my life is like. THat's why I can't get anything written.

  2. But you, Rob, you write ballads about it!

    That’s artistic double-dipping.

  3. Dare I say, a newsworthy little story.

    Velma and I are sitting in the boardroom at SS HQ, awaiting the return of and reports from all our SS Boucherconners.

  4. Thank you, ABA. You and Velma love to go through all the briefs.

  5. First day back from Bouchercon myself and catching up on our posts. So much enjoyed this!


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