20 October 2014

A Week In The Glamorous Life...

Jan GrapeClass, I'm not working on a particular writing project at the moment...have a couple of irons in the fire. But after this week, I need to get back to writing just to rest up.

On Monday, I had a horrible sinus headache, but managed my usual putting clothes in the washer, transferring same to dryer, folding and putting away. I did drive the 5 miles into town only to discover the major fact that I had forgotten...Columbus Day is a Federal holiday and the bank and post office were closed. The way I found out the bank was closed was I parked, jumped out and at the front door, I pulled. It was locked...why??? Then I saw the sign stating they would be closed for Columbus Day. I turned around and said out loud, "My first clue was no cars in the parking lot." This is a small regional bank and there's usually not many cars around. Back home to make dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, then shower and finally into bed, still nursing my aching head.

On Tuesday, I bowl in a bowing league. Now that probably doesn't sound too exciting to most of you, however, I have bowled once, twice or three times a week for over thirty years. Last year, the bowling center in my nearby town closed. Shortly after that I drove into Austin, 58 miles one way on a Thursday night to bowl. That wasn't fun.  This year a group of us bowling ladies started a league and are bowling in Fredericksburg, 39 miles one way. The best part is that one of my team members and I take turns driving. It's good fun and good exercise. We leave Marble Falls at 11:15am, bowl at 1:00pm and get home about 3-to-3:15p. Back in Marble Falls, I drive to the bank and PO and take care of a couple other errands that I missed out on the day before. I also called my primary doctor's office to see if I could get an appointment soon. The new federal law that went into effect on Oct. 6th says you must see your doctor and get a written prescription to get your Schedule 2 pain pills. Fortunately, they had had a cancellation and I could come in the next day at two p. Great, I say, put me in at that time.

On Wednesday, after showering and getting ready I head to Austin at 12:45p, this is for a 65 mile one way trip. I get 30 miles from Doctor's office and get caught in a huge traffic jam.  Finally, the traffic moves, but it's only 8 minutes until my appointment time. Never did see the cause for the jam but there is one of those over-size load trucks parked on the shoulder so guess that might have been part of the problem. I call the appointment person and am told they will informed the nurses in back. When I get to the doctor's office at 2:30, I wait a few minutes and discover that I won't be able to see the doctor but I can see the physician's assistant. That's okay because she can see me, then catch the doctor who will then write the prescription for me. But I do have to wait...and wait...and wait, for almost two hours. While I'm in with the PA we're talking about the new law and we agree it's necessary because too many people abuse it. And she said, with people like you, we know you and know you're not going out on the highway when you're caught in traffic jams and sell your pain meds. "You mean I could have done that? Darn I missed the boat." She almost fell off her stool laughing. With my precious prescription tucked into my billfold and inside my purse, I head west at 4:50p which is now rush-hour time in the city. This late I'll miss my music night out and dinner out so I stop and get BBQ to go and then stop and get gas for my car. By the time I get home it's ten to seven and I'm a bit draggy.

Thursday rolls around and I catch up on a little housework. Clean up hairballs from the cats and then get ready to go once again. I'm volunteering three hours (from 3 to 6p) at our little Cottonwood Shores library. Since I have a 5:30 committee meeting, I do manage to leave a little early for that. But I spent over two hours rearranging paperback books. We had a large number to add in, but not enough space where they were shelved. Some new shelves were added so it's a matter of adjusting them now and yet keeping them in alphabetical order. I'm getting good exercise however, bending up and down. Oh, my aching back. I get to my meeting only to find it's been postponed until next week. I hadn't checked my email in several hours.

Suddenly it's Friday. My male kitty, Nick (he and my female kitty, Nora, are 17 and a half) has been urinating in various and hidden places instead of the liter box.  Terrible for carpeting. I have an appointment with our vet who's been taking care of them for 9 years but is eighteen miles one way in Johnson City. Why don't you have Doctors and Vets that aren't so far away, Jan. Simple answer, when you find someone that you really like, it's just hard to change. So our appointment is at 2:30p and we leave at 2. Thank goodness no traffic problems. The attendant helps carry him inside and weighs him. He's lost about a pound since his visit back in the spring. That's not too good. Nick gets his yearly shots then they say they need to put him to sleep to draw blood. They do that and also give him some fluid IV because he's a bit dehydrated. No thyroid problems. Shall we do some testing for kidneys...we have enough blood for that but it will take about another 15-20 minutes and more charges. Go ahead, I say and start mentally adding up in my head what this will cost me. However, these cats are my fur babies. I've had them since they were 8 weeks old, they've seen me through a lot and I have to take care of them. Nick's back in his big carrier but complaining a bit and scrabbling in there. He's drunk from the anesthetic and acting goofy. Thank goodness, all the news was good. Nothing more than old age and perhaps a little infection that I get an antibiotic for and head home, after two hours. I did manage a quick stop for a couple of grocery items. When I got home I collapsed on the sofa and was happy I still had BBQ left over for my dinner.

On Saturday, I realized I didn't have to go anywhere for the next two days and I realized how tired I  was feeling. Thinking about my week was well, amazing. just full of adventure and glamour, like any other writer.  Don't forget, class I'm sixty-fifteen now and can only dance every other dance now. But at least I can still dance.

Until next time, don't forget to take out the garbage and all those other glamorous things we writers do. I'm off to watch a little TV, then to read a little more of Sara Paretsky's new paperback, Critical Mass before bedtime.


  1. Jan, I have weeks like yours, but I'm thankful they aren't all like that.I love the fact you still go dancing at three-score plus fifteen. For all the under-sixty readers, I'd like to give some advice that Jan and I seem to agree on:

    Dance while you can
    Take walks in the moonlight
    Holding somebody's hand
    Dream some big dreams
    And make them come true
    So you can still dance
    When you're past sixty-two

  2. Jan, it's nice to see I'm not alone when it comes to being buried by daily minutia while trying to write. Loved the post.


    PS: Fran, I really enjoyed your poem. I often try to get my wife out dancing.

  3. Thanx for your post! I haven't been bowling the last few years, but it was so fun when my daughter & I used to go bowling at the Showboat casino in Atlantic City. The Showboat had a fantastic bowling alley on the second floor. I wonder what they'll do with all the casinos that have closed.

  4. Oh, Jan, I share in the glamour and excitement of the writing life. So far, this Monday morning, there's been laundry and dentistry (getting a new crown), and this week holds the exciting prospects of more laundry, doctor's appointments and an oil change! Wow! I hope we can all get back to writing soon.

  5. Fran, I loved the poem.
    And to Dixon, Elizabeth, and Eve, I know you all enjoy the glamourous life. Years ago when I complimented Aaron Elkins on winning th Edgar and how exciting it was. He laughed and said as soon as he got home his wife would tell him to take out the garbage.

  6. Eve,good luck with your crown.
    Elizabeth, my husband and I bowled at one of the casinos in Vegas. Secind floor, but I can't remember the name. Then in New Mexico we often went to Espanola and to Big Rock, I think was the name. Bowling was on same level, over on one side. We'd bowl then play slots.Lots of fun on our days off.

  7. Wow, what an adventurous life you lead, Jan!

    Travel (58 miles one way, 39 miles going another), Intrigue (will the doctor's office still be open?), Suspense(why the traffic jam and will that bowling alley still be there?), Action (cleaning up with cats and laundry), Drug Dealings Gone Bad (missed opportunity to make some sales while waiting for traffic to clear), Confrontation (P.O. & Bank both closed), Sharp Detective Senses ("My first clue was no cars in the parking lot.") and wrapping it all up with a bit of the Chicago underworld ('Critical Mass').

    No wonder some people think that being a writer is the closest thing to Nirvana!

  8. These federally-mandated rules on pain medication– aargh!. My doctor is too afraid of the feds to prescribe anything more powerful than a stick between the teeth.

    Whew, that mileage! What a reminder of what a huge state Texas is.

  9. On FB, Bill Crider posted: wow it's like you're a movie star. Living the high life. (We all know that feeling hehe.)
    My daughter posted: You rock, Mom, but I'm worn out just reading it.
    She ought to try doing it then she'll know worn out.
    Bradley summed it all up for me. My adventurous life. Right-o. Thanks Brad.
    And Leigh, here in Texas we bite bullets...not sticks.


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