21 March 2012


Two weeks ago John Floyd wrote about which authors he had appeared in magazines with.  I said I had been thinking about writing on the same subject, and -- hey presto!  -- I have done so.  My predictive abilities amaze even me.
I was not surprised to find out that the author I have shared the most mags with is Michael Mallory.  We have graced no less than 6 issues together (and he sometimes had more than one story in them, the glutton)..  This is because we used to share a mutual admiration club with Margo Powers, the editor/publisher of Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine, and were found there, it seems, more often than not.  Michael used to write wonderful stories narrated by Dr. Watson's second wife. 

Next, with 5 stories is Toni L.P. Kelner. We have shared pages in MIMM, Alfred Hitchcock's, and Ellery Queen's  -  the latter being surprising, since I have only made it there once. 

I have shared the shelf with Ron Goulart 4 times.  I consider than an honor because I remember his hilarious stories in Twilight Zone Magazine,  where I got some close-but-no-cigars.  I fell in love with a story of his called "Groucho," which was about a Hollywood mover-and-shaker who was reincarnated as a cat.

Dick Stodghill was in three issues with me, including the very first issue I ever appeared in, in the late not-very-lamented Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.  Some of you may remember Dick as one of our most faithful and interesting commentors. on Criminal Brief.

A few more of my friends and favorites: Gary Alexander, Richard Lupoff (3 stories each), John D. Floyd, Edward D. Hoch, Martin Limon, R.T. Lawton, Leigh Lundin (all 2 stories),  and Jon L. Breen, Herschel Corzine, Brad Crowther, Loren D. Estleman, Ed Gorman,  Steve Hockensmith, Janice Law, Jack Ritchie, and James Lincoln Warren (all 1).

But let me end with my favorite story on the subject.  Not long after I started getting published I attended one of the Edgar Symposiums run by the Mystery Writers of America.  A woman saw my name tag and introduced herself.  It turned out we had shared the pages of an obscure magazine called P.I.

S.J. Rozan and I have been friends ever since.  Of course, not all writers have equally successful careers and I am sorry to report that she has not had quite as many short stories published as I have.  I hope her string of bestselling novels is some comfort to her.

And wishing you the same.


  1. P.I. Magazine! Great Caesar's Ghost! You need to revise the number of our co-appearances, my friend. It's at least 3. I just pulled out my old copies of P.I., and we were together in the summer 1989 and summer 1990 issues - back to back in summer '89. I think I may have had one other story published in P.I., but I can't find the copy. And pulling out other old magazines, I see that John Floyd and I were together in Vol. 2, No. 2 of Red Herring. Not sure of the year, maybe around 1994.

  2. Good memories! I do indeed remember Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine (Margo Power was very good to me), and Red Herring as well.

  3. sorry I underestimated you, Brad. I did go thrugh all my PIs, but even I occasionally slip up.

  4. I just received this note from Toni P.Kelner which is too good not to pass on:

    I just tried to leave a post on your blog about who you've been in various magazines/anthologies with, but the word verification defeated me. I tried over a dozen times, and for whatever reason, it would not accept what I typed when I was SURE I'd typed the right letters.

    Anyway, I'm delighted to be a second-place winner for this honor. But does that mean that you and I have...issues?


  5. Herschel Cozine21 March, 2012 12:23

    The most satisfying aspect of my writing has certainly not been the financial "rewards", but the honor of sharing pages with you gentlemen--and ladies. I'm looking forward to further appearances. But for that I need the cooperation of the likes of Janet Hutchings and Linda Landrigan. Erato, where are you when I need you?

  6. Let me just add, if any of you readers have trouble leaving a comment please let us know. You can contact me at lopresti AT nas DOT com.

    Toni, I am delighted to have issues with you.

  7. Rob, I feel so left out! I enjoyed the post, however. Here's to a future where we share a few pages!

    As for "Toni"...robots are ALWAYS sure they typed the right letters; that's how we keep them at bay!

  8. This is nice! I have fond memories of reading "Groucho." And, the fact that I had a short-short published about 13 years ago in an anthology including stories by Larry Niven and Charles M. Schultz. THAT kept me going during a dry decade!

  9. So glad you mentioned Dick Stodghill.


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