18 March 2012

Flash Fiction– A Night Out

John Floyd and R.T. Lawton not only routinely cram mysteries into less than 700 words, but John is a master of flash fiction, a subgenre I thought beyond me until I found myself thinking about titles. I suddenly realized a title I had in mind could make a (nearly) complete crime story.

Some might think I'm channeling Elsin Ann (Graffam) Perry's Wide O, a popular single page story published by Ellery Queen, which I highly recommend if you can find it. I title my opus (clearing throat) 'A Night Out'. And now… Wait for it…

A Night Out
by Leigh Lundin

"Darling, doesn't this hankie smell like chlorof…"


  1. Yoshinori Todo18 March, 2012 07:37

    LOL Great one! EQMM and AHMM don't accept flash fiction, do they?

  2. Leigh, I'm torn between complimenting you on your cleverness or scolding you for copping out with just one of these. I'd like to see more.

  3. True story: A close friend who was poking around in drawers said,

    "Is this pepper spraYAAAAAAAAARGH!"

    No comment regarding hair color.

  4. Good one! I picture 2 officers searching an apartment; something like Naked Gun style.

  5. Thank you Yoshinori, Fran, and Cindy. That's my first real flash fiction. John and RT are in no danger of competition, but it was fun.

  6. That was great, Leigh! What fun!

  7. Leigh, I'm still trying to get used to flash fiction, so give me more.

  8. Leigh, loved your short fiction. It was my laugh for the day. And yes, we do need more.

  9. Well done, Leigh! And I'm glad you mentioned Elsin Ann Graffam's "Wide O." I always read that story to the students in my writing classes (it takes only a couple minutes), and they love it.

  10. Loved it! Read it last night way late just before I went to bed and conked-out myself!

  11. Thank you very much; I'm very gratified. I'm starting to realize that flash fiction takes a unique viewpoint and state of mind.

    Have a great Monday!


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