05 April 2020

Customer Support Gig

HDD - hard disc drive

SSD - solid state drive
The Fates are having fun with me. I had to replace a computer and a central air conditioner in the same week.

My keyboard had been acting up– two dead keys, then a third. Apple has announced a new 14" MacBook Pro and days ago they brought out a gorgeous new MacBook Air with enticing specs. To tide me over until the we get to compare the new Pro, I ordered a refurbished computer from Amazon.

There must be some Jewish saying to the effect nothing is ever simple. Amazon shipped the wrong one, and I’ve been having polite chats with their India call center, who can’t understand what the problem is. I asked or a supervisor. The conversation went, starting with me…
“… and it arrived with a 500gig hard disc drive instead of a 512gig solid state drive.”
“So sir, you’re missing 12 giggy… gig things?”
“Gigs, gigabytes, but that’s not the major problem. It came with a HDD, not a SSD.”
“So if we send you 12 gigs, you’re okay?”
“Noooo. You’d have to send 512 packed in… a solid… state… drive.”
“But then you’d have more than a thousand gigs.”
“Therefore I need to return the computer.”
“Just for 12 gigs? Sir, I understand you are not happy and I apologize. I can offer you $15 in credit.”
Ah, writers got to love Mumbai Customer Support.

Next Time… Cooling my Heels in a Heat Wave


  1. The joys of tech support, Leigh. Sounds like you have a lot more patience than I do...

  2. Those guys probably tape their incoming calls for laughs and then compare them to see which customer support employee wins the Best Frustrated Customer Award for the month.

  3. Just spent much of the day without electrical power… after a week+ of no A/C.

    Paul, I keep imagining crook stealing a Tesla, then trying to figure out bow to buy gasoline.

  4. RT, I suddenly feel a huge fear you're right. Maybe they feed on frustration like vampires.

    O'Neil… and Damn!

  5. Ah, the joys of tech support - only bested by the joys of the daily telemarketer call. "This is ___, I am calling from your computer support center..." All in a Mumbai accent.

  6. Eve, it bugs me that each call starts with a lie: "Hi, my name is _______†", where they fill in the blank with a bland English name or nickname, e.g, Tom, Dick, or Mary.

  7. Wow, Leigh. That doesn't make me want to rush out and buy anything Apple! I'm sorry you're having a hard time with stuff. Hope all is resolved soon!


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