23 May 2015

Worst Typos Ever - Take 2!

by Melodie Campbell

It happened again, and this time it was my fault.

You know how it happens.  Spellchecker has an evil twin that changes your word by one letter, and you don’t notice it until it goes to print.  

Public becomes Pubic.  Corporate Assets becomes Corporate Asses.  The Provincial Health Minister becomes Provincial Health Monster.  We’ve all been there.

Readers may recall that last year, I wasn’t too happy when the virtual blog tour company paid by my publisher changed the title Rowena and the Dark Lord to Rowena and the Dark Lard.  Sales were not stellar.  However, the hilarity that ensued was probably worth the typo.  Seems there were all sorts of people willing to suggest alternative plot lines for a book about Dark Lard.  Many were a mite more entertaining than the original concept (she said ruefully.)

Here’s a small sample:
Protagonist moves back to Land’s End and opens up a bakery.

Protagonist and love interest return to Land’s End and become pig farmers.

Protagonist messes up another spell that causes all who look at her to turn into donuts.

It’s enough to make a grown writer cry.

Well, this time I did it to myself.

REALLY not cool to request a formal industry review for a book and misspell the title.

No matter how it reads, "Cod Name: Gypsy Moth" is not a tale <sic> about an undercover fish running a bar off the coast of Newfoundland...

That wasn’t enough.  People were quick to respond with suggested plot lines on Facebook.  Other authors (22 in fact) had to wade in <sic>.

he'd have to scale back his expectations - a bar like that would be underwater in no time.

and here's me waiting with 'baited' breath

Readers will dive right into that

That's a whale of a tale

that book will really "hook" a reader

Smells pretty fishy to me

definitely the wrong plaice at the wrong time.

We're really floundering here; no trout about it.

Okay!  In the interest of sane people everywhere, I’ll stop on that last one. 

The real name of the book? 
“Comedy and Space Opera – a blast to read” (former editor Distant Suns magazine)
“a worthy tribute to Douglas Adams”  (prepub review)

It isn't easy being a female barkeep in the final frontier...especially when you’re also a spy!
Nell Romana loves two things: the Blue Angel Bar, and Dalamar, a notorious modern-day knight for hire.  Too bad he doesn't know she is actually an undercover agent. 

The bar is a magnet for all sorts of thirsty frontier types, and some of them don’t have civilized manners. That’s no problem for Dalamar, who is built like a warlord and keeps everyone in line. But when Dal is called away on a routine job, Nell uncovers a rebel plot to overthrow the Federation.  She has to act fast and alone.

Then the worst happens.  Her cover is blown …

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Paul D. Marks said...

Melodie, I'm rolling on the floor. Can't wait to read Rowena and the Dark Lard. Sounds like a great sci fi story.

But I guess we've all been there to our embarrassment.

janice law said...

You can take comfort in the fact that there are clearly a lot of funny people out there!

Eve Fisher said...

"The Dark Lard: A Tale of Two Knishes."
Stolen from a church fundraising dinner up here: "Lutefisk: The Piece of Cod that Passeth All Understanding"
Wonderful post, Melodie!

Melodie Campbell said...

Paul, I forgot to mention that another reviewer mistaken called that book "Rowena and the Dork Lord." I'm thinking I might be able to write that book.

Melodie Campbell said...

Janice, so true. And Eve - I shall have to steal that one! Two Knishes, indeedy :)

Vicki Kennedy said...

Thanks for making me laugh, Melodie! Enjoyed your column.

Paul D. Marks said...

Melodie, I'm cracking up again. And I would love to see the Dork Lord made into a movie. Who could we cast?

Melodie Campbell said...

Thanks for commenting, Vicki!

Melodie Campbell said...

Paul: Rowena and the Dork Lord...at another time, it would be John Cleese. I'm a Python fan from back when I was in school...long before my standup days.