04 November 2013

Word Power

One of my favorite photos of Leonard Elmore shows him standing in a room decorated for Christmas.  He's wearing jeans and this 
T-shirt.  It's now on the Internet advertised as "the Leonard Elmore tee."

Though I hardly ever wear T-shirts, I do collect them.  Since I'm in no mood to write today, I'm sharing some of my favorites with you. The next one has emblazoned across it my answer (usually unspoken) to people who approach me with great ideas for novels and want to tell me all about them, but never put anything on paper or a computer.

My favorite before I saw the Leonard Elmore version:

I call this one the "get lucky" tee that belongs to a young
sci fi writer friend of mine.

This is more my style--threat instead of promise.

Another favorite.

Another threat.

A truism if ever there were one.

I'm beginning to worry about myself.  This
is another threat.

My second favorite shirt.

I apologize that I can't supply a pic of my most beloved T-shirt of all time.  I wore it out years ago, but Callie wears one in her first mystery.  The tee said:


(This is a very old shirt.)

Until we meet again, take care of . . . you!


  1. Funny, Fran!

    I enjoyed those. My own should probably read "Lost in his own world… Huh, what?"

  2. Thanks for sharing your t-shirt collection, Fran. I thought they were funny. Makes me want to start a collection of my own.

  3. I hope Callie will get to wear a shirt as interesting as your t-shirts soonest- they are too good to leave off the page!

  4. These are fun to read. My favorite is "Advice for Writers: Tip Number 20."

  5. I'm still laughing about that last one!

    One of my favorite shirts (and I also had a button with this phrase) read: "I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not quite sure that you realize what you heard is not what I meant."

  6. Thanks to Leigh, Vicki, Janice, Louis, and Dixon for your comments. I'll have to get a shirt like Dixon's favorite. I wrote a song with the opening line of the chorus: What you heard is not what I said.

    The reason I collect tees is two-fold:
    first, it's fun and second, my kids say it helps them know what to buy for me besides perfume and earrings, which I also collect.

  7. Loved it, Fran! The shirts are cool! And so true to life! My family and friends know I look at the world the way Stephen King does!


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