28 November 2012

Meet Nero Wolfe

by Robert Lopresti

You may read mysteries for the plot, but if you RE-read them it is for something else, like language or characters.  Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe novels had wonderful language, but I don't know any mystery series with a larger assortment of reappearing characters than Stout's.  Watching them show up is like meeting old friends -- or enemies.

So, in honor of the Wolfe Pack's annual Black Orchid Banquet, which will be held this Saturday in New York, and celebrates the Rex Stout corpus...

Meet Nero Wolfe.  Say how do you do.
He's gonna introduce you to the whole darn crew. 

There's Cramer and Cather, Parker and Panzer,
Bonner and Brenner, and big Bill Gore, 
Archie and Johnny, Purley and Mimi,
Sally and Bascom and Theodore.

Doctor Vollmer and Lily Rowan,
Fred and Felix and old Lon Cohen,

Tim Evarts the Churchill dick
Hitchcock in London, and Marko Vukcic,

Up in Westchester you'll find Ben Dykes,
And Lieutenant Con Noonan, whom nobody likes,

There's Hombert, Skinner, and Arnold Zeck,
And even old Rowcliffe, what the heck.

And Mandlebaum.


Zeke Hoskin said...

Nice job, Rob. When I saw what you were doing I stopped and made my own list - got up to 21 and they're all there in all their glory.

Eve Fisher said...

What a great crowd to hang out with! I just wish he'd brought a few other characters back for another bow - like Julie Jaquette from "Death of a Doxy", or Hattie Annis from "Counterfeit for Murder". (In case you can't tell, I'm a major fan...)

James Lincoln Warren said...

Newo Wolfe?

Jeff Baker said...

Loved it!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Fabulous! I always love your poems.

Unknown said...

Nice to see that my oil portrait of Mr. Wolfe and block print of Archie haven't been forgotten!

Unknown said...

Nice to see my oil portrait I painted of Mr. Wolfe and my block print of Archie haven't been forgotten!

Robert Lopresti said...

Kevin, I apologize for not crediting you. I usually do, but I forgot. I hope to make it up to you in a future blog entry.