25 November 2012

Is Bigfoot In Tennessee?

I had a different article ready to post but changed my mind when I read in the local newspaper that those mythic hunters from the reality show “Finding Bigfoot” are coming to Knoxville for a week. Our esteem Knox County mayor, apparently a Bigfoot buff, declared Friday, November 16 “Knox County Bigfoot Day.” He and about 1000 citizens welcomed the cast of “Finding Bigfoot” to town. Cast members signed autographs and there was face painting for kids.

Ever the politician, the mayor didn’t say that he absolutely believes in Bigfoot. Like any professional politician, he hedged. He said he didn’t disbelieve, and pointed out that the publicity from the show might bring in a few extra dollars from visitors.

One hunter, an expert and a regular on the show, claimed that there have been 150 recorded sightings and several footprints pointing to the existence of Bigfoot here in East Tennessee. Of course he is withholding the location of the sightings until the show airs in February.

Bigfoot must be some where in the Appalachian Mountains because the most sightings in the entire United States have been recorded by our neighbor to the north, Kentucky, at least that’s what the Kentucky Bigfoot hunters claim on their web site. It’s possible Bigfoot and his family might have strolled down into the Great Smoky Mountains, and maybe even wandered down into the foothills of East Tennessee.

We human beings have seen, studied, and trapped just about every animal on earth and yet Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, abominable snowman or by whatever name we call it, who has been seen in every state in the Union, every nation, and every continent, has eluded us. How is it we can’t catch this missing link in human evolution? The dude or gal is big, standing some say 8 feet tall, so how can something so large be so elusive? 

I bookmarked another Bigfoot hunting website in case that rascal is found here in East Tennessee, I’ll know almost immediately. If he is located in the mountains or foothills, I plan to join the Bigfoot Hunting Club to collect any reward that might be offered for his capture.

Above average rainfall this year produced lots of nuts and berries that in turn means there’s plenty of game in the mountains, so I know Bigfoot and his family had a good Thanksgiving.

I hope all of you did also.


  1. >The dude or gal is big, standing some say 8 feet tall, so how can something so large be so elusive?

    (laughing) Exactly!

    >Above average rainfall this year produced lots of nuts…

    Amen! Louis, some bigfoot hoaxers have been outed, but I read recently some guy who thought he was dying admitted to a sasquatch hoax.

  2. Louis, I just wanted to let you know that Bigfoot is NOT in Tennessee. SHE is living in South Carolina and has developed a very serious relationship with LIZARD MAN.
    The late songwriter Randall Hylton wrote a wonderful song about Bigfoot, but I don't have access to it this AM. Enjoyed your column.

  3. A couple of years ago I read a funny romance that had to do with bigfoot. I think it was one of the Nerd series by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

  4. Good column, Louis!

    I once heard that the name Sasquatch is easy to remember because that's the sound you hear when Bigfoot steps on a Winnebago.

  5. Also, let's not forget the Mothman, up in West Virginia. And I remember, back in the late 70's, Walter Cronkite (!) reporting a story about cattle mutilation/deaths from West Virginia down into Florida, and a whole lot of people were blaming it on Mothman/Bigfoot/aliens. Surprise! there was no coherent theory.

    Personally, I think that white lightnig and dark nights in the woods leads to the sighting of all kinds of stuff. But I do believe the Himalayan Yeti might be real. We all have our inconsistencies...

  6. Hey, guys, I won't know for sure whether the "Finding Bigfoot" hunters found him until the sometime in February. Meanwhile, I just might suggest to the Mayor that we start a hunt for the Loch Ness monster in one the lakes here in East Tennessee. But I'll have to convince him that visitors will leave a lot of money in Knox County.


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