07 May 2012


by Jan Grape

Jan Grape
I had really wanted to see the Super moon as the media called it and touted it to be something special to see. But it was solid cloud cover at my house and there was no moon to be seen. But I comforted myself that I'd just look at it on TV or on computer or on my phone. Gosh we've come such a long way, Baby. If we don't have a chance to see or hear something we can just look it up on our computers or you can record it on your TV. You never have to miss anything and yet sometimes I wish I had missed something.

Take the current political campaign. We waded through debate after debate, ad after ad until our stomach turned and Mr. Romney is now FINALLY the Republican candidate. Yippee. Now we've got six more months of debate after debate, ad after ad until our stomach turns listening to the same old, same old stuff from both sides of the political aisles. And guess what, you can watch it all on TV or your phone or you can TiVo the whole affair and watch at your leisure.

Time was when you could only know about something that happened from your newspaper or radio. And things came to you at a Pony Express pace. There's something rather calming about that idea.

And gosh, NO. I'm not going to open a political debate but my own personal feelings are strong right now. There are a lot of cock-eyed things going on in this country against women. My own beloved state of Texas is a prime example. There are some in our country who want to roll back the clock and put a foot down on women's throats and trounce all over women's rights. I strongly oppose that idea and will continue to fight against that. We ALL were created EQUAL.

I think I did already announce here once about a new anthology that I recently co-edited. But I'm not above shameless promotion. It's titled MURDER HERE, MURDER THERE and follows the first anthology by the members of the American Crime Writers League, (ACWL) MURDER PAST, MURDER PRESENT. There are nineteen count 'em stories by our multi-talented, multi-award winning members. The setting are as diverse as you would imagine. From east coast to west coast and multi places in between and if that's not enough to excite you there's a couple stories with exotic locales and times. I have a story "The Confession," featuring my female private eye characters, Jenny Gordon and C.J. Gunn, who I hadn't written about in several years. It was fun to visit with them again. The book is from Twilight Times and will be released the end of May, so look for it at your favorite Indy Bookstore.

It's already been summertime hot in Central Texas, so much so that I long for travels to cooler climes in an RV. However, if what I've seen lately on TV, even the cooler locations in the US have have heat waves and places you expect to be cool aren't necessarily so. Guess I'll just have to wait and long for December which is now only six months away.

I have two reunions to attend this year if I can manage the time and money to travel. The first if my 55th (gasp) high school reunion on June 1st. Since it's in the state of TX, I'm going to try to manage to get to that one. The second is the Grape Family reunion which will be in NJ, actually right outside of NYC on starting on July 1st. The family is so scattered we only hold reunions every three years and we have them at different part of the country where some nice family member lives. That person or persons plan the food, sight-seeing, partying, and hosting for around 50 people for around a week. It's fun and most enjoyable unless you are hosting and then it can be a lot of work. I have to admit I've hosted it three times. It really is fun to see everyone and to meet the new who have joined by marriage or to have been born into the family. It's a wild and crazy bunch of GRAPEs I have to admit.

Guess that pretty much covers my random thoughts for the day. Are any or all of you still writing?


  1. Jan, I enjoyed your rambling thoughts. Our family reunions were once a year, the first Sunday of December near the homeplace where Mom and her eight younger siblings were reared. It was cancelled this year because of my mother's fall in November, but we are planning to resume next year. There has been a traditional menu for the reunion for years, and that same menu was served following her funeral here in Columbia last week.

    My son's friends in law enforcement said the low life must have stayed up late to see the extra bright full moon because an abnormal number of them were out getting into trouble that night. (One day I'll blog about the close coordination between rough days for the police and school teachers.)

    Writing? It's always been an escape for me, and I'm looking forward to falling into the computer once I've made up all the doctor's appointments I cancelled the past few months and written a ton of thank-you notes.

    Now I've shared my rambling mind with yours, Jan.

    Anyone else out there got a rambling mind this AM?

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming 55th high school class reunion and have fun with your upcoming family reunion.

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming 55th high school class reunion and have fun with your upcoming family reunion.

  4. Congrats on the new anthology. I am curious how did the co-editing process work. I've done some editing but never with a co-editor.


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