20 August 2017


by Leigh Lundin

Bonnie BK Stevens
Bonnie BK Stevens
Around the corporate offices, we’ve been feeling depressed and not terribly energized since Bonnie died. Art’s devastated, John found it difficult to start his article yesterday, Rob’s glum, and our ladies have tried to cheer one another up. Bonnie’s impact was amazing.

I don’t feel much like writing and I won’t. You may have guessed last week’s post came about because we didn’t have a complete article. The story behind that is inspiring.

Bonnie had given me one of her books populated with gentle characters and genteel plots. B. K. Stevens’ stories were family oriented and she always made it clear her writing was a family operation.

On 10 August, Bonnie’s husband Dennis wrote that Bonnie had been working on Saturday’s column but wound up in ICU. He apologized the article wouldn’t be finished in time.

Afterwards I thought— what consummate pros, Bonnie and Dennis. It touched me and further augmented my admiration for our members… for indeed, Dennis is a behind-the-scenes colleague.

Someone said the hearts of her friends, family, and us SleuthSayers, a family of sorts, have a Bonnie-shaped hole in them. Along with everyone else, I miss her gentle intelligence. Blessed be.

Bonnie BK Stevens
This sketch of Bonnie I used on SleuthSayers for the first time last week. An enchanting French friend, Michèle Gandet (daughter of the charming Micheline as mentioned by RT and myself), said the picture shows a joyful woman. Michèle stated it perfectly.
Footnote > In writing this article, my fingers scribed a couple of oddly humorous typos, perhaps inspired by Bonnie’s playful side. I initially wrote ‘gentile plots’ instead of ‘genteel’ and ‘consummate prose’ instead of ‘pros’. Maybe it’s my own self-mocking drollery, but I like to think Bonnie would be smiling.


janice law said...

It's been a terrible shock. The sketch is lovely and just the right image.

Leigh Lundin said...

The sketch is charming, isn't it. She was an amazing lady.

R.T. Lawton said...

That's a great sketch of Bonnie. I assume it was made from the photo at the bottom of Art's August 18th post. Who's the artist?

Robert Lopresti said...

Nice job, Leigh.

Eve Fisher said...

Wonderful sketch. And great post.

Leigh Lundin said...

RT and Eve, I don't know who made the sketch, but it's nicely done. Velma filched it off her facebook page and I carefully enlarged it and then sepia-shaded it for today's article.

Thanks, Rob!

John Floyd said...

Well done, Leigh.

Leigh Lundin said...

John, thank you. I appreciate it.

Art Taylor said...

I've been away from internet for the most part for a couple of day, but appreciated coming back and seeing your post here and Jan's as well. So nice to see the outpouring of love and appreciation for Bonnie. Thank you so much. :-)

Anonymous said...

Leigh, Thank you for your touching post. Bonnie loved her Sleuthsayers friends and fellow authors. I am grateful to know that she will be missed. Dennis Stevens