31 August 2016

Bound for Valparaiso in a Rowboat

by Robert Lopresti

It's the end of the summer and I don't feel like tackling anything too heavy. So let's talk about smuggling illegal substances.  Better yet, let's sing about it.

I am sure you have heard of narcocorridos, the Mexican song genre that celebrates and heroizes people who smuggle drugs north across the U.S. border.  Well, that is not our subject for the day. 

Instead we have a song from my friend Zeke Hoskin, discussing the true story of some earlier smugglers heading in a different direction.  You may remember Zeke from his occasional words of wisdom in our comment section.  He wanted you to know that he wrote most of the song on Canada Day, 1992, while waiting to cross the border.

That's his wife Flip Breskin on guitar, by the way.



Unknown said...

I enjoyed the son, Rob, and the story. (But I'll admit I was a bit surprised by the image that appeared on the screen when the song ended. There's a story there too, I'm guessing.)

Robert Lopresti said...

B.K. THat was Youtube's choice for the next video. Nothing I planned, I assure you.

Unknown said...

Oh, I figured that wasn't from your personal collection--just couldn't resist the opportunity to comment on it.