04 January 2015


Line-Up © Ioannis Christoforou
clip © Ioannis ‘John’ Christoforou
by Leigh Lundin

Happy New Year! We’re happy to see you survived the Chanukah and Christmas holidays and the New Year’s parties.

Our resolution for the year is to continue providing you a window into the creative (which sounds so much better than ‘twisted’) minds of crime fiction authors. Here’s what to expect:

Mon   Jan Grape, Fran Rizer
Mondays represent the cosy realm featuring Fran Rizer and Jan Grape. Besides the Callie Parrish series, Fran has brought out a new thriller, Kudzu River. Jan has a number of series characters such as Zoe Barrow, Jenny Gordon & C.J. Gunn, and Robbie & Sheriff Damon Dunlap.
Tue   Jim Winter, David Dean, Paul D. Marks
Jim anchors Tuesdays, appearing every other week. Among other tales, Jim is noted for this Nick Kepler series. This month also marks the final article for a while from our New Zealand author, Stephen Ross, who takes a sabbatical to work on his book. David Dean similarly took a sabbatical to sweat out his books as well and continues with us on monthly Tuesdays. Velma has invited prize-winning author and LA historian Paul Marks to join us once a month on Tuesdays starting in February. Paul is noted for his Shamus-award White Heat.
Wed   Rob Lopresti, David Edgerley Gates
Rob has anchored arresting Wednesdays for many years. He specializes in short stories, especially his Longshanks series. Santa Fe writer David Edgerley Gates rounds out Wednesdays. He’s the noted author of cold war novels and the Placido Geist bounty hunter series.
Thu   Eve Fisher, Brian Thornton
Thursdays, think history. Historian and social activist Eve Fisher has published an astonishing array of short stories, mostly in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Also a historian and teacher, Brian Thornton fills out our Thursday schedule. He’s the author of books on Lincoln and bastards… and more bastards. Really!
Fri   Dixon Hill, R.T. Lawton
If it’s Friday, it must be tough guys, our heroes Dixon Hill and R.T. Lawton. Dixon can write just about anything, but he specializes in– what else?– mysteries. R.T. writes historical shorts such as his Asian half-brothers series and his Parisian crime historicals from the Mother Margot’s School for Pickpockets.
Sat   Melodie Campbell, John Floyd
Two consummate professionals share Saturdays. First we have Melodie Campbell, award-winning author of the Goddaughter series. You don’t want to mess with her. Anchoring Saturdays, prolific Mississippi author John Floyd always brings us entertainment, whether about his abundance of short stories, movies, or his popular (in)famous list of lists.
Sun Leigh Lundin, Dale Andrews
As you noted last week, Louis Willis retired at the end of the year. Starting this month, Dale Andrews returns on the 25th to replace Louis on the last Sunday of each month. You may remember Dale from his prize-winning stories and Ellery Queen research.

We’re glad to have you join us for another year!


  1. Leigh, thanks for this summary; however, why didn't you give us at least one sentence about the glue that holds SS together--Leigh Lundin?

  2. A great line up!

  3. From now on, when people ask me who I hang out with, I'm going to cut and past this blog post. Thanks, Leigh!

  4. Fran, thank you. I keep asking Velma to send stories off but you see how far I get.

    Janice, it is a good crew, isn't it! (Janice is a board member and keeps us provided with occasional articles– Thank you, Janice!)

    Jeff, thank you. You know better than most how we strive.

    Eve, you're welcome. We have great colleagues!

  5. I am proud as punch (or is it Punch? Whish is prouder, the drink or the puppet?) to hang around with this crowd. Leigh, you did not mention that Brian Thornton also writes short stories, including two of my very favorites.

  6. Good to see some new faces among the line-up of usual suspects. Looking forward to renewing old acquaintances and meeting the latest recruits. Welcome, one and all, to 2015.

  7. May 2015 be a wonderful year for all of us! Wishing you all a happy 12 months!

  8. Took me a minute to realize the line-up members held manuscripts instead of clubs -- though either way, I suppose, it's still a wood product. LOL

    I'm with Fran: Don't forget your own remarkable accomplishments, buddy.


  9. Terrific to get a little glimpse of all our gang! I'm snipping this to keep, as Eve is.

  10. I guess I'm the short, feisty guy in the middle. Very funny, Leigh. But, it's a great line-up any way you look at it.

    Happy New Year to all!

  11. Thanks, folks. I look forward to the new year!

  12. I am honored to be in such exalted company.

    As a side note referring to the lineup photo you displayed, I have twice been picked out of a photo lineup by witnesses to an air freight drug delivery and was glad I had an alibi and my own law enforcement witnesses to verify it. So much for the reliability of eye-witnesses on crimes.


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