18 January 2015

A Tangled Webb and Mitchell

Some of you know I detest televisions in waiting rooms. I don’t even own a telly. I do sporadically watch television, but on my computer and many of the programs are British. One I enjoy is QI on the BBC with host Stephen Fry.

QI is a brainy and hilarious quiz show of sorts. The ‘contestants’ represent the brightest lights in comedy, and on rare occasions when participants might not be professional comedians, they hold their own. American Rich Hall is an occasional visitor. Forget the meaningless tally– the answers are everything. You have to watch to see what I mean.

An occasional guest is David Mitchell, master of a slyly warped sense of humor, known for his ‘logic’. You may have heard the news that female prisoners asked for ‘slimming’ stripes on their uniforms. Here’s Mitchell’s take (on stripes, not incarcerated women)…

And that brings us to today’s television special, the Mitchell and Webb Look (also starring Robert Webb) treatment of police shows like Major Crimes.

Next Sunday, we welcome back Dale Andrews and in two weeks, Jim Winter interrupts this broadcast to bring us a special report. See you then!


  1. Man, I needed a good laugh this Sunday morning to wake me up. Plan to add QI to my YouTube subscription as soon as I master navigating the YouTube site.

  2. Louis, I think you would enjoy QI (and QI XL, the 45 minutes versions). There's a lot of word play, sly remarks, and surprising things to learn.

  3. Fran, I'm glad you like it. Some have petitioned to have QI brought to US television and I hope they bring us the original.

  4. I just LOVE Mitchell and Webb. I remember at work recently telling people about this sketch: http://youtu.be/JEle_DLDg9Y and that led to this: http://youtu.be/HMGIbOGu8q0 and http://youtu.be/c3y0CD2CoCs

  5. Rob, I'm about to check those out. Thanks! If you haven't found QI, I'm convinced your peripatetic brain will find it indispensable.

  6. I love QI. I discovered it when someone put a link up to a bit in which the question was approximately: What was the subject of the book The History of Great Britain, published by the Oxford University in the 1930a?

    What followed is approximate.

    Panelist: The history of Great Britain.
    Buzzers go off.
    Fry: I'm sorry, that's wrong.
    Same panelist: The geography of Finalnd?

    The correct answer was: the history of England.

    If they ever decided to do an American edition of QI the perfect Fry-substitute would be Ken Jennings. He has the brains and the wit.

  7. I know QI has researchers and obviously Fry does his homework, but I'm still amazed how much Stephen has at his fingertips. For all the ribbing, Alan Davies is no slouch either

  8. Very droll, as they say.

  9. Anon, thank you. We do try!

    Rob, the corridor signs in the Homeopathic A&E are hilarious. And a good lesson in the Grammar Nazi.

  10. Leigh, you had me watching nearly an hour of youtube because of this. I may never be the same. LOL


  11. Dixon, that's a good thing. ABA and Rob got me watching more as well. They're very addictive.


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