16 December 2022

Hair styles

 Writing stories and novels set in the late 1940s and early 1950s takes a lot of research to get things right. My computer has folders with examples of the clothes worn back then, women's dresses and blouses and slacks and shoes, men's suits and pants and shirts and shoes.

After WWII, women's dresses became longer and their hair shorter. Nothing wrong with women cutting their hair or wearing longer dresses or capri pants, or wearing anything they want to wear. What is jolting, however, are the hairstyles of the late 40's and early 50s. Short hair on women – no problem. Goofy hairstyles – Oh, God.

Not that men with their flat-tops and crew-cuts had anything to brag about.

This is no criticism of the ladies below. It's a criticism of their hair stylists. Oh, man. Look at what the hairstylists did to these movie stars.

Beautiful Gene Tierney from Laura. Uh...

Is that supposed to be the perky look?

Gorgeous Eleanor Parker wearing some sort of hair helmet.

Why does she alway look like a characature?

OK. They got it right here. Then again, it's Ava Gardner and no matter what's done with ther hair, she's stunning.

Is it me or does this make her look older?

No comment.

Was that a wig? Man, that's one scary looking Stanwyck.

Steve Martin did not improve the look. From Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

OK, it's all a matter of taste but my characters have their opinions in the stories and books, so I just let it rip.



  1. Clearly nothing dates faster than clothes except hairstyles!

  2. One of the worst is the hairstyle they gave Bette Davis in 1942's "The Man Who Came To Dinner". Very funny movie - very horrible hairstyle.

  3. Perky look, huh? Good thing you didn't put me on your list, Mister De Noux, not if you expect typing or any of your phone calls answered. My hairstyle is the epitome of perfection. Hmmph.

  4. Lily Tomlin's Ernestine always cracked me up mainly because I've known women with that nasal intonation and Margaret (of Dennis the Menace) hair style.


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