05 April 2019

Crime Scene Comix Case 2019-04-003, Slot Plot

by Velma

After rummaging through the dust bin of Future Thought channel of YouTube, I bet you’ll enjoy this little gem. Check it out.

Reintroducing Shifty, a none-too-bright crook who looks like a Minion in zebra stripes. This time he tries his hand at gambling. As W.C. Fields might say, “A game of chance? Not the way I play it.”

That’s crime cinema. Hope you enjoyed the show. Be sure to visit Future Thought channel on YouTube.


Eve Fisher said...

Great way to start a foggy morning. Thanks, Lefty, for a good laugh!

R.T. Lawton said...

Seems Shifty just can't catch a break.

Velma said...

Hey Eve, hey, RT, glad you like 'im. Nefarious little guy, isn't he?