27 January 2017

A Dedication

by O'Neil De Noux

For me it started with Poe. The poems first, then the stories.

When I was ten years old, we had a babysitter I thought should be a movie star. She was eighteen, I think, pretty beyond description and so nice even my hard-headed little sister behaved. We lived in Verona, Italy, where her father and my father served in the US Army. There was no television in English so she read to us. Edgar Allan Poe. She read "The Raven" to me and "Annabel Lee" and started my life-long love of Poe's work. I fell a little in love with her as well, as much as any ten year old can.

She had this great smile and those big eyes. She was unlike any babysitter we ever had. She talked to us. She only sat for us twice but I never forgot the smile and the sweetness. I wasn't a bit surprised when she became a movie star. She was radiant.

I was eighteen when she was killed and when I heard, it felt as if someone punched me in the chest. I only saw her twice but she was unforgettable. Not just because she was gorgeous but because she was one of those truly nice people.

A Matt Helm spy spoof

When I was sixty-one, an age she never got to reach, I dedicated my novel ENAMORED to her because I will always be a little in love with Sharon Tate. I think most who met her feel the same way.


Our lives are full of good times and bad times, comedies and tragedies and if we're lucky - special moments. Little gems. When people ask why I became a writer, I like to tell them - "Sharon Tate read 'The Raven' to me."



  1. What a story, O'Neil. I think when most of us think of Sharon Tate, well you know what we think of. But this adds a whole new human dimension to her. Very touching.

  2. A wonderful reason to become a writer.

  3. An emotional read. Well written.

  4. Wow. What a story. Like Paul said, this adds a human dimension to her indeed.

  5. Wonderful story, O'Neil. She died too young, too tragically. It's nice to know that you remember her as a wonderful young woman, and that she sparked you to become a writer.

  6. Fascinating!! I think that beats any other reason I ever heard, for why someone became a writer.

  7. Beautiful tribute, O'Neil. I'm sure she'd be pleased that she touched your life in such an important way.


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