11 October 2015


Spidey and
In the chillier climate of Canada, the harvests come in weeks earlier than in the States. As a result, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow while we’re still planning– or dreading– Halloween. Nonetheless, Canada brings us a
beautiful costume story.

The town of Edmonton may be freezing, but it’s warm of heart. Sadly, a bubble-headed villain named Mysterio struck, kidnapping hockey celebrity Andrew Ference of the Oilers. The call went out to… Spider-Mable.

The little heroine has been battling leukemia. When Make-a-Wish asked her what she’d like most, she wanted to become a crimefighter like Spiderman. The entire city of Edmonton called upon her to rescue the captain of the hockey team. The mayor personally invited Spider-Mable to his office to request her assistance. Warning: A lot of pepper spray still clouds the air as my blurry eyes discovered while working this story.

Clues led to the local zoo where Spiderman and Spider-Mable brought the dastardly Mysterio to justice.

After saving the day, the tiny heroine kindly consented to sign autographs for citizens of Edmonton.

Frankly, everyone in Edmonton is my hero.


  1. With all the crud and crapola going on in the world at present, we needed this - thank you.

    I can’t do better than this on-line comment by Dave Sawchuk, spotted on one of the related links:

    “Water on Mars? Lame. Hope on Earth gets me every time.”

  2. Thanks, ABA. And thanks for pointing out ‘cast dispersions’. Without casting aspersions (one of my mother's favorite expressions), I should have caught that malapropism. And what a sweet little girl.

  3. What a heart-warming post, Leigh! Thanks for a great start to my Sunday morning.

  4. Great story. San Francisco did something similar last year. A young boy, dying of cancer, became Batman and had the run of the city for a day. It was a heart warming story. It sure beats CNN and the bickering politicians.

  5. Thanks, Eve. It’s inspiring when an entire city comes together.

    You’re welcome, Dixon. We love little heroes and heroines.

    Herschel, you’re absolutely right and thanks for pointing that out. Make-a-Wish and Edmonton credit San Francisco’s own Batkid, Miles Scott, for the inspiration of helping little Miss Tooke becoming Spider-Mable.

  6. Brings tears to one's eyes, for sure. Yes, I'd heard about this, Leigh. Edmonton is a special place - way up north in Alberta, just a few hours east of Jasper in the Rockies. Special people, who laugh at the worst winter weather, and smile through it all. Thanks for this special feature. Yes, it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. And I am thankful for so much.

  7. I agree Melodie. Thanks to a good friend, I've visited Jasper near Athabasca Falls… in the very frozen winter!


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