19 May 2014

Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces

by Fran Rizer

My most recent post was one week ago (5/12/14) when I interviewed Darlene Poier, publisher of the Canadian magazine Ficta Fabula, and Laura Crowe, editor.  For some reason beyond me, their photos disappeared though they still show on my preview.  Here they are again, and I sure hope whatever went wrong last week doesn't happen again.

Darlene Poier

Laura Crowe


As some of you know, I've been working on an anthology of ghost stories.  It turned into a labor-intensive project, but the manuscript is complete, and the publisher accepted it Friday.  More about that later.

All this thought about anthologies set me to thinking of some I'd like to see in print:

Woman's World One Page Mystery Rejections -  An anthology of stories that have been rejected for this market where John does so well.

Very First Stories by Successful Authors

Historical Bloopers in Historical Fiction

A Collection of Leigh's Reasons Not to Move to Florida

An Anthology of Travelogue Pieces by SleuthSayers Who Vacationed this Year

All of John M. Floyd's and Rob Lopresti's Lists

Anything else you can think of and share with SS


I agree with all of the above except Agatha Christie's.  

What's on your mind this morning?  Share it!

Until we meet again, take care of … you.


  1. Amusing!
    To be fair to Agatha Christie, she is also supposed to have liked composing while soaking in the bath tub and eating apples.

  2. You should have seen my husband's face when I read the Christie quote aloud to him. In our house, I plan the books, he does the dishes. (To be fair to me, we do have a dishwasher.) I agree deeply with Kurt Vonnegut and especially Elmore Leonard. I was tempted to send the quotes to my most recent line editor, most of whose work I stetted, but I refrained.

  3. Thanks for the quotes, Fran--I love 'em. Especially Leonard's. Thanks also for posting the photos--I was a big fan of Darlene's Pages of Stories. That publication was very good to Leigh, myself, and others.

    Actually, I have another list coming up in this Saturday's column. And believe me, you probably would not want to see a bunch of stories (mine or anyone else's) that have been rejected by WW.

  4. I love the idea of the anthologies, especially the historical bloopers - I can rustle up a few of those.

    Here's another quote:
    “The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” —Philip Roth

  5. Fran, you can find a lot of rejected WW stories at omdb. A few of mine are there, but believe me, not all of them.

    Love the quotes. More editors should read them.

  6. Coming from the author of the best modern (and classic) ghost story I know, that's quite an undertaking!

    Gee, I remember when moving to Florida seemed a great idea. No more minus-degree weather, I was thinking. No more slipping in slush or shoveling snow, I was thinking. Babes in bikinis everywhere, I was thinking. Oh, sure.

    Love the quotes! My apologies to you and Darlene for missing last week's article.

  7. Darn, Herschel. I had to figure out omdb for myself! But I managed:



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