22 September 2011

Far to Go

by Deborah Elliott-Upton

This is my first post for SleuthSayers. For the past four and half years, I've had a posting at Criminal Brief on Thursdays. Being their Femme Fatale was fun and yes, I have also been known as Thursday's Child with far to go. As a Sleuthsayer, I am eager to start anew with a clean slate. Because this blog is comprised of experienced bloggers, we might be considered "new", but certainly not ingenues. That is both good and bad.

The good is though we enter this endeavor knowing not everyone is going to like every column, from what we've learned over the years, the odds are the readership will enjoy enough of what's here to return soon and often. We appreciate and need your feedback to find out what you'd like to see on this blog.

The bad news is -- wait! There is no bad news. We're ready to explore crime writing and getting to know mystery writers and hear what the mystery readers want.

Writers are like a combination between a magician and serial killer: we always have something new up our sleeve, but often the thoughts lurking deep in our mind aren't always nice and pretty, yet sometimes those are the most interesting.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I am a lover of the short story. My first love is mystery and I enjoy plotting crimes. I'd probably be a decent enough criminal except I'm too chicken to do the time if I got caught. Better for me to write my stories and stay scared straight.

As a fiction writer, it seems I sell a lot of nonfiction. I dabble in other realms of the writing world and have succumbed to poetry, screenplays and scripting a fashion show for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. I've been a book reviewer, an office manager and spent time as an actual hired killer when I worked as an exterminator. I really do know how to get rid of the bodies.

I love writing, but probably do the work as much for getting speaking gigs as book sales. I love the stage and yes, I admit, applause. Writers usually sit in front of a computer and rarely get applause. In my opinion, we all need more applause in our life. So, right now, I am applauding you for having read something today just for fun and I hope that includes this blog. Go ahead and blush as I am now giving you a standing ovation. You're really quite wonderful and it's fine with me if you start feeling the same about me, too.

I'll be back here on alternate Thursdays. I hope you will, too. I have plans for you.


  1. Deborah,
    With those dead bodies lying around somewhere, I hope you’re not on the insect police’s wanted list. Looking forward to reading you articles.

  2. Actually, Louis, I think I may at the top of their list. It's okay as I don't much like them either. Thanks for reading and especially, commenting. You're my first here!

  3. A good introduction!
    Who knew extermination services would be such a good background for a mystery writer.

  4. I am so excited about this new site!! Great introduction!! Can't wait for more!!

  5. Thanks! btw, Janice is my SleuthSayers partner in crime on Thursdays and she'll have her first blog up next Thursday! Don't miss it!

  6. Deborah's a great writing instructor.

    I look forward to more.

  7. I have great respect for exterminators ever since an outfit called Lady Killers got the unwanted visitors out of my apartment more than forty years ago. They've never returned, and yes, it's the same apartment--hey, I'm a New Yorker. Love the ocean pic, Deborah. What's the story behind it? Or is it a mystery?

  8. I'm imagining a household with arguments like "You miserable flea-brained insect!" "Don't bug me!" "Fly away, pest!"

    Great column, Deborah.

  9. Elizabeth, we always say, "If they're not paying rent, they should go." But, that statement just may include other kinds of pests we can't legally handle. I absolutely love New York City and it's been too long since I've been to visit. As far as the ocean pic, alas it is not me, but I fell in love with this little girl and yes, I believe there is a story somewhere there to be written. I adore photo prompts for writing and think this one conjures up many, many ideas.

  10. I like the relaxed feel, not nearly as formal as many author sites.

  11. Nice to read your life story! Can't wait to read more! (Exterminator, huh?!)

  12. Hey Jeff! So glad you made it over to the new site! Oh, there is much more to this life story...stay tuned. I'm just full of surprises. LOL

  13. This first article definitely reveals a little bit of who you are. (Also, I'm liking the rose with blood drops thing) I'll try to show up intermittently. ;] Enjoy your new blog and keep up the good work!


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