14 June 2024

So damn tired of politics

Turn off the TV. Get online and mute everything about politics.

Try this one.


Best parts:

Cowboy rolling yarn.

Cowboy – "Anybody can herd cattle."

Cowboy – "His face is just ripped to shreds."

Cowboy – "I'm livin' a dream."

And this one.


So many good parts:

"Duel Bag."

"Not a big fan of that look."

"All I did was tell my wife that her mom looked hot in a bathing suit."

"Trick question."

Another one.


Can't stop laughing:

"Don't feed him yet."

"This is sand. You know what its gonna be in a hundred years from now? It's gonna be sand!"

One more.


Just watch it. Every second is spectacular.

This last one is a Kristen Wiig skit from Saturday Night Live.

I should get back to blogging about writing next time.

That's all for now, folks.




  1. Try this one: "The Big Snit"
    "Quit sawing the table!"

  2. I was very familiar with EDS, the company behind the cat-herding advert.

    In the doghouse skit, the Alred character was actually a bit gentle!


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