27 January 2023

Good Hair Styles

Still getting the occasional email criticizing me about my December 16, 2022, article in "Hair Styles" article in SleuthSayers, so I thought I'd give equal time to some pretty cool hairstyles of movie stars from the era.

Adele Jergens

Anita Eckberg

Ann Sheridan

Julie Adams

Elaine Stewart

Ella Raines

Gloria DeHaven

Hazel Brooks

Lana Turner

Ava Gardner

Gene Tierney

Loretta Young

Veronica Lake

Pier Angeli

Thanks all for now –


  1. Velma is going to be verrrrry jealous.

    Adele Jergens… (gulp) I was definitely born in the wrong era.

    I was surprised to learn critics declared Grace Kelly too dispassionate for a leading lady. Had they never seen To Catch a Thief? But under all that hair, I find brains sexy.

    1. Jealous? Jealous? In your dreams, buster.

      Were you and Mr De Noux expecting re-inked typewriter ribbons and phone messages this month? And… oh yes, paychecks?

  2. No Tor Johnson hair styles?

    I agree with Leigh that brains are sexy. All women are inherently beautiful no matter what their physical characteristics or hairstyles may be.

  3. Okay, who's been criticizing you for the last hairstyles post? There were some very crappy hairstyles imposed on actresses, not to mention fashion styles along history, and all you have to do is look at old high school yearbooks to realize that it's amazing that the human race succeeds in reproducing itself.
    Meanwhile, these are GREAT hairstyles - and sadly, very few women are wearing them anymore...

  4. Elizabeth Dearborn27 January, 2023 13:33

    O'Neil, obviously you have a type!

  5. his is O’Neil. Still can only comment (occasionally) as anonymous.

    Leigh, si signore. Brains are sexy and makes for a better life partner. My wife debb is a handful and smarter than me in a lot of ways. Great legs. We put them on the cover of a few of my books but she adds so much more to my writing by being my first reader and giving me insights into what women think and feel and describing what they wear.

    Yes, Jerry, all women are beautiful. Inside and outside. Like Elaine on SEINFELD once said, women are Ferraris while men are Jeeps.

    Eve, so correct. Hairstyles imposed. Some great, Some horrible.

    The emails came from readers of my books and family members – both jump on just about anything I put online. Most are nice comments and the mean ones are mostly people ribbing me. They know I love to rib others and also know I can take it.

    Elizabeth. If I have a type, it would be Pier Angeli and Ava Gardner, although my wife is DEFINITELY my type and she’s a redhead in the frame of Veronica Lake. So was my first wife. My second wife was classic Italian-American. Don’t laugh. How I talked three nice women into marrying me is my life’s mystery. Only one stuck with me.

  6. Oh, I am laughing! O'Neil, you must meet my husband some day. I agree (with Elizabeth) that you do have a type, and it makes me smile. But what I like is the way you fight back, grin. Great pix - I'm writing 1930 era mysteries right now, so appreciate the historical perspective. But best thing: if I'd never read this post, I wouldn't have seen Eve's fabulous comment: "all you have to do is look at old high school yearbooks to realize that it's amazing that the human race succeeds in reproducing itself." What a fun post for a grey day!

    1. Thanks, Melodie! What makes it funny is that it's so true!


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