24 November 2022

Giving Thanks

Wow! Thanksgiving? Already?

In a decade where each year itself has at times felt like a decade in its own right, 2022 has flown by at Casa Thornton in a blur. That alone feels like a fine reason to give thanks.

And yet there is so much more for which I am truly thankful. Here, in no particular order, is a sampling of people/incidents/situations-both momentous and minor for which I give thanks on this, the day for it.

My family.

The relative health of my family.

My own health (I’ve had some struggles on that front this year, as have so many, so I’m grateful to come through largely unscathed). And the humbling experience of feeling very sick for long stretches of time.

The medical professionals who have labored ceaselessly to keep our society and the people in it up and running during these trying times.

My fellow educators, who have also faced a plethora of fresh new challenges over the past few years, to keep company with all of the same old ones.

The Seattle Mariners Baseball Club.

The entire 2022 season of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club.

The end of “The Drought,” with the Mariners returning to the post-season for the first time in twenty-one years.

It’s been a long two-plus decades, and I’ve been a fan for every minute of them, year in, year out.

The love and friendship of both my wife, and of my son. As many of you know, love and friendship are not the same thing. I value getting both from both of them. What’s more, I value their patience with me, and their acceptance of me as I am. I love them more than I can say.

And also for all of the support my wife, Robyn, continues to provide when it comes to my writing career. I couldn’t do any of this without her. First reader. Final editor. Biggest fan-as I am hers. She has accomplished so much this year. I’m just so damned proud of her!

My friends. All of them. Far too many to list. You know who you are.

My writing circle. There is none finer.

My editor. There is none finer.

My agent. (you know what I’m gonna say next.)

My writing successes. Not just this year’s, but every year’s. Writing, like Life, is a journey.

My failures, both writing, and otherwise. I seriously thank God for them. As failures go, they have proven mighty instructive.

The twin gift of humility and empathy. I’m a work in progress, and I’m not perfect, but I’m out there trying to be a better human every day, and hand in hand with that goes the ability to try to feel for the struggles of our fellow travelers. Not always easy, not always successful. Always rewarding.

President Biden, Vice-President Harris, and my personal hero, Speaker Pelosi. The Democrats. If you get it, you know why. If not, I don’t begrudge you the right to disagree.

Women. The sooner the male animal faces the fact that they tend to be smarter and far more pragmatic than we men, the happier he tends to be.

Gen-Z. My day job has brought me into repeatedly and long-lasting contact with the members of this generation. I’ve been convinced for years that they are going to save this world by changing it. And this is one Gen-Xer who is here for that.

Lastly, I’m thankful for you, whoever you are, wherever you’re reading this. Thank you for taking the time and the trouble. I have had so much light in my life lately, I feel blessed and hope to share it.

As you go about your day today, may you find some light in yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thank you for a lovely list. I am grateful for so many things, but I must mention the Maple Leafs hockey team. They keep my husband happy and maybe next year they will win the cup.

  2. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all of us.

  3. Elizabeth Dearborn24 November, 2022 11:56

    Grateful for the good things we have & the memories of those we lost this year.

  4. May your Thanksgiving Day be fuller than expected
    & congenial, & delicious. And bright.
    I've got my light through the "good" Jesus. I pray others
    to have that, too.
    Your list is superb. Glad you've got it.



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