17 March 2019

Kung Phooey

Whew! This tough week culminated in a funeral for a neighbor who’d become a friend. Ryan, killed at age 36 in a highway accident, left behind his fiancĂ©e Kelly and three little girls.

Earlier this week, I spent six hours in our local courthouse, home of Kayci Anthony and a few other notorious cases. I swear the building was maximally architected (supposedly that’s a real word) to maximize uncomfortability (another real word distinguishable from discomfort).

Rules at the Orange County, Florida Courthouse require shuffling from Room 350 to Room 370 to Room 130.02 to Room 240, and so forth. At each location, one pulls a ticket and waits thirty minutes to ask a single question, be told that the clerk isn’t allowed to offer advice, but maybe try Room 357.

Promotional videos play in some of these chambers showing ‘ordinary citizens’ waxing ecstatic in a script about their wonderful courthouse experience. A Tallahassee attorney who complained about the high price of parking was told that it’s actually a benefit because “After $15, parking is free!” (I know, I don’t get it either.)

On the lemonade side of this lemon week, a friend sent me a minute-long Reddit video. I located the original 3-minute clip on YouTube on the EnterTheDojoShow channel.

Meet the hilarious Master Ken who can answer all martial arts questions including those no one asked. This is a man who felt the 1970s should never have died.

His site offers T-shirts and even a book with this exciting cover. The Dow of 11th Degree Black Belt Master Ken must not be confused with either Dao (Tao) or a maximum of ten degrees.

Eat your heart out, Jackie Chan.


  1. Leigh, so sorry to hear about your friend's death. That's hard.
    But I spit my tea across the room at Master Ken! Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Eve. He was a good guy.

    I'm glad you liked Master Ken's vid. He's a trip!

  3. I'm sorry about your friend, Leigh. Terrible news.

  4. Barb, I appreciate it. I'm not sure what his young daughters will do. Largely a kid himself, he kept them busy with surprises and attention. A couple of days before his death, he trimmed an overgrown elephant-ear plant taking over my driveway just because.

  5. I note that stripped across the Master Ken video is the opportunity to "Meet Quality Single Women." Ken has a lot going for him.

  6. Well heck, Dan. They didn't offer me the quality women opportunity! Probably better for the women,though.

  7. Fun post Leigh-I think Master Ken needs his own series!

  8. Lawrence, that would be fun. From a number of outtakes, I think they're working on that.


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