23 April 2017

International Good Books • Great Writers Series

by Leigh Lundin

Last month, I talked about Alice and how buying from International GoodBooks (GoGoodBooks.com) donates to a humanitarian cause. From the land of Stephen Ross, the New Zealand Oxfam charity has created two other ads, one I’d seen before and another recommended by a reader (thanks ABA), I wasn’t aware of.

Whereas Alice was surreal, one of the others defines racy and the other esoteric noir. Let’s start with the dark esoteric and save the sexy one to wrap up.


This way lies madness…

An advanced education gone horribly wrong.

Havana Heat

This way lays… well…

Once your panting subsides, you know where to order your books.

Go ask Alice.


Art Taylor said...

These are great, Leigh!

Barb Goffman said...

Geez. I can't even get most delivery men to ring my bell.

Unknown said...

Those were fun, Leigh. Thanks!

Leigh Lundin said...

Thanks, Art. Glad you enjoyed them.

Barb… (laughing) You mean ring your bell or ring your chimes?

Thank you, Bonnie. They are fun, aren't they.

Jan Grape said...

Oh some one needs to do a private eye spot.
And someone needs to copy edit these. But they are great.

Anonymous said...

Great.Thank you so much for sharing this post.