02 May 2012

What a whiz of a quiz it is

This is a variation of a quiz I gave in 2009.  Last time you had to match definitions with mystery authors.  This time you have to match them with characters.  For example, if I wrote A garden implement or a private detective you would respond Dashiell Hammett's Sam SPADE.
But be warned.  It doesn't have to be the most obvious definition.  I could have said A playing card for SPADE..

The answers are in alphabetical order by the author's name.  Answers next week.

1 A type of mustard, or a priest.
2 A wetland, or an English Professor. 
3 A school of Buddhism or a Roman cop.
4 A type of hole, or a Seattle private eye. 
5 A child's transportation device, or a Detroit private eye.
6 A financial instrument, or a spy. 
7 A boatman, or a Seattle private eye.
8 A builder in stone, or an attorney. 
9 An adverb or a British police inspector
10 A shirt size or a clergyman. 
11 Cheerful, or a British spy.
12 An expert with an ancient weapon, or a private detective. 
13 A state capital, or a British police inspector.
14 A playing card, or an amateur detective 
15 A part of the face, or a New York City private eye.
16 A greeting card, or a gambling consultant. 
17 A circular water movement or an Akron private eye.
18 Something bestowed, or a British Inspector.


  1. Oh, Rob, my brain is too tired for this, but I love its cleverness and will hope to score an A by your next post!

    Once again, thanks for posting for me last Monday. I'm going to rest for a few weeks, then escape into my private world and write, Write, WRITE!

  2. PS - That photo ain't bad either!

  3. Rob, I thought I was the only one that wore a pirate hat around the house. You look very sporty, my friend.

    As for the quiz, I'll probably be trying to work it out for the next several days...or so.

  4. Fran, you are very welcome. david, the library where I work has an open house each fall to encourage students to actually come in and not just use the computer databases. 55This year the theme was Treasure Island. hence my unusual gear.

  5. Neil Schofield02 May, 2012 10:47

    What picture?
    Please, I haven't got a picture. Just a gap with a little red cross. What am I not doing right again, Rob? It was the same with th sketches on Monday.
    I'm feeling very left out, I can tell you. And I've only got three answers in the quiz so that's going to drive me mad too.

  6. Neil, apparently your browser doesn't like Blogger's way of showing pictures. You might try another.

    Try this for the picture:

  7. Neil Schofield02 May, 2012 12:13

    Thanks Rob. That worked a treat and by George it was worth it.
    And I've realised I should use Google Chrome which I've got instead of this wobbly Yougoo thing.
    Thanks again.


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