24 May 2019


Started listening to audiobooks the last few years of my commute to work as a police investigator at Southeastern Louisiana University. Found a couple clunkers but found more good ones. I often did not want to get out of the car.

Mysteries, historical novels, science fiction, classics I'd read as a kid like THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY, Daphne du Maurier's REBECCA, Vera Caspary's LAURA, Jack London's WHITE FANG even Bram Stoker's DRACULA. All narrated by professional narrators. The mysteries gave me reads of books by Dasheill Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Ian Fleming, Donald E. Westlake, Dorothy Sayers, Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini. Even cool mysteries I never came across before – THE COCKTAIL WAITRESS by James M. Cain, NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES by Cornell Woolrich, RIVER GIRL by Charles Williams.

I got lost in big books – NEW YORK by Edward Rutherfurd, Ken Follett's Century trilogy – FALL OF GIANTS, WINTER OF THE WORLD and EDGE OF ETERNITY.

It brought me to THE NIGHTINGALE by Kristin Hannah and the excellent books of Adriana Trigiani (THE SHOEMAKER'S WIFE, ALL THE STARS IN THE HEAVENS and LUCIA, LUCIA).

I listened to other great books like Isaac Asimov's brilliant Foundation trilogy – FOUNDATION, FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE, SECOND FOUNDATION. I listened to Harlan Ellison narrating his own stories – I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM, JEFFTY IS FIVE, DEATHBIRD STORIES which includes his Edgar Award winning THE WHIMPER OF WHIPPED DOGS.

Many readers have asked if I had any audiobooks available. I had to tell them no until Amazon linked up with Audible to create ACX. I now have fourteen audiobooks available read by professional narrators. They manage to enhance my writing, adding nuances I was unaware in my books and short stories.

It is a good deal for writers and narrators. The book must be available on Amazon Kindle. The writer retains the full copyright and puts the book up on ACX and asks for auditions. Narrators record a few pages of the book the writer puts up and if the writer likes the narration, the writer offers the narrator a deal. The writer can pay the narrator (this is pricey) or simply split the audiobook royalties. When the deal is struck, the writer gives the narrator a deadline and the narrator records a narration. After the first 15 minutes of narration is complete the writer gets to hear it and ask for corrections. When the entire narration is done the writer needs to listen and approve the entire book. The writer controls the process. The deal lasts for seven years and can be automatically renewed. The audiobook becomes available on Amazon.com and Audible web sites.

Here is a link to ACX: https://www.acx.com/help/about-acx/200484860

LINK to list of my audiobooks: http://www.oneildenoux.com/audio-books.html

ACX is another way to sell your books and short stories.


  1. Cooll read O'Neal! I had to travel 3 to 4 hours a day to work for a short period and I lived on audio books. I found autobiographies by celebrities with raging drug and alcohol problems to be the most entertaining. I recommend Keith Richards' Life. And anything by Artie Lange.

  2. I wish I could listen to audio books, O'Neil. But my mind wanders, which it doesn't when I'm reading on the page. My wife listens to audio books and loves them. But I do like the idea of doing audio books of my books. Anything to increase the audience. And as Larry said, Life by Keith Richards, which of course I read on paper, is a pretty fascinating read.

  3. I haven't done audiobooks, but lately two people have asked me about them. I always thought they were too expensive to justify the cost. Having read your post, I may have to pursue the idea more seriously.

  4. O'Neal, audio books are great as long as they are read by either professional narrators or good actors. If you ever get a chance, track down the Mapp & Lucia books read by the late, great Geraldine McEwan (who starred in the BBC TV series of the same). And Lynn Redgrave did a brilliant job of reading Rutherford's "The New Forest".

  5. Very interesting. I discovered last year that my local library has free (to me) access to some audiobooks through a program called Libby. Those I have enjoyed best are the three IQ mysteries by Joe Ide. Excellent books and the narrator, Sullivan Jones, does an amazing job with the voices and accents.


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