03 June 2016

An Imaginative Time of the Year

By Dixon Hill

It's that time of year again -- my 13-year-old son's favorite.  Not just because it's summer, and school let out last week.  There's more.

This weekend, Phoenix Comicon runs Thursday through Sunday at the downtown Phoenix Convention Center.

And the Q-man is stoked!

That's him on the right, in this year's almost-completed costume.  He's going as "The Sniper" from the video game  Team Fortress 2.  You can see a pic of the character he's "cosplaying" below.

Quen's still missing a scope and laser range-finder from his rifle, and a few other details, but we're working to fill the gaps by Thursday morning.

I'm writing this Wednesday night, since all my regular free time will be consumed by Comicon activities with Quentin over the next few days.

Comicon or bust!
This year, those activities include a screening of the film Jaws, with live commentary and a talk by the screenwriter, Carl Gottlieb -- and, later, a discussion and demonstration of Bartitsu (You Holmes fans know what I'm talking about!).

Writing workshops are also scheduled, and I'll be attending a few about Science Fiction and Steampunk, to get a few tips I might use in "outside the box" mysteries, while the Q-man goes to see Billie Piper from the Dr. Who TV series. And, once again, we'll be trying to get him into the Cosplay Contest at the comicon.

Those who attended Left Coast Crime, earlier this year, may find it humorous to learn that the Phoenix Convention Center, where I'll be spending the weekend, is just across the street from the hotel LCC was held in.

We're still not quite finished moving in, as you can see in this picture taken in our kitchen (above right).

See you in two weeks!


  1. Quen is way cool in his get-up. Good job, guys. Did mother help or was it entirely a guys’ project?

    As for the kitchen, I’ve lived here years and mine doesn’t look that good.

    Dixon, one of your lines about “writing outside the box” made me think of a possible plot about a writer and his outdoor writing habitat found dead behind the closed doors of his outdoor studio…

  2. Enjoy the Comicon!

  3. Sounds like you are going to have an excellent time. And Leigh, nice plot idea!
    BTW, had a great vacation, glad to be back, and let me tell you, leaving this country to go on vacation is a hell of a lot easier than getting back into it. Security is TIGHT. Be prepared... be very prepared...

  4. Bartitsu? I thought Doyle made that up!

  5. Welcome back, Eve. I hope you are at least feeling a little better after you trip. Your advice about how hard it is to get back in sounds a bit sinister, though. Gosh. Scary times. Dixon: love those photos! It's clear that Q has some real acting ability. I'd never be able to pull off a pose like that second one! :-)

  6. for those unfamiliar with bartitsu, check out www.bartitsu.com


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