28 December 2015

My Solution to Crazy Days

This year, 2015, somehow got absolutely crazy in December. And I don't have anyone to blame. Let me explain.

In my family this year, I have two birthdays, two college graduations, Christmas and a wedding all in a thirty day period. And just before the wedding, there's one more birthday.

My oldest grandson, Riley Fox, was born on December 20th. And his beautiful lady, Coor Cohen, was born on December 15th. That means birthday presents for both of them. It's just not fair for December babies to not get birthday presents just because they happened to be born in the same month that Santa comes to town. Many families, and I've even done it for Riley before, buying him a little extra present or spending a little more on his Christmas present to make up. But you just know as a little kid they somehow feel cheated. Some families give their December children a half-year party in June or July. It's not too easy to know what to do.

My only granddaughter, Jackie Lee graduated from Texas State University on December 12th. And her fiance, A.J. Vaughn, graduated the same day, also from Texas State, but her ceremony was at 10 in the morning and his was at six in the evening. I'm totally proud of both of them.

Of course, Christmas happened on December 25th. I have three grown children with spouses and five grown grandchildren. That surely means a few presents. And even have nieces and nephews that I want to remember.

My second oldest grandson, Jarred Lee, has a birthday on January 9th. Once more I can't just add a little extra to his Christmas present. Even a small gift seems to be the right thing to do.

On January 17th, my beautiful granddaughter, Jackie is getting married to the love of her life, A.J. Vaughn. Really looking forward to this wedding.

Guess I sound like I'm complaining but I'm really not, just trying to explain how crazy it could be shopping for all these special events and special people.

Except, I have a secret weapon. I give presents of money. Many people think that's horrible. They think you should go out to malls and search for just the right present. Or at least get on the computer and learn to cybershop. But I learned this trick from my bonus mom several years ago...give money. One size fits all and the color is always right.

It works for me and keeps me from going totally insane this time of year. See you in 2016.


  1. Hope you had a good Christmas, Jan! And congratulations on all your family events in December and January! That is a lot.

    1. I had a wonderful Christmas, thanks, Paul. One birthday and the wedding is all that's still to come. Am looking forward to the wedding.

  2. It's hectic but fun, isn't it? My nephew was born December 16 & my daughter was born December 30, so I know what you're talking about. I used to throw her a birthday party in February, always at a restaurant. And I think money is an excellent gift. Someone complained about it on Seinfeld, but nobody I've known in real life ever complained about that.

    1. My dad and bonus mom always gave money and it was such a good idea. I could buy something that I wanted. One thing that makes money a good choice is when the grandkids reached a certain age, I could never come up with an idea for them, Much easier to give the cash and let them get exactly what they wanted.

  3. I have a hard time guessing what some adopted family might want, so I give them gift cards with exactly 2016 pennies (for the new year).


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