18 October 2015

Witch Trials

Carving kit © Pumpkin Teeth
by Leigh Lundin

The Halloween season means trick or treats, chomping chocolate, honoring saints, and tormenting witches.

Wait… witches? Real ones?

It’s been more than 300 years since the Salem witch trials and the hangings and tortured deaths that followed, but an US Air Force clinic has fired dental technician Deborah Schoenfeld for practicing witchcraft.

Witchcraft: You know, satanic rituals like meditation, yoga exercise, listening to sitar music… witchy things like that after converting to Hinduism. Really.

Deemed a witch, she wasn’t allowed to know who her accusers were, but at least she wasn’t hanged, crushed to death, or burned at the stake. Her accusers satisfied themselves with calling her a devil and career termination.

Despite the hostile work environment, Ms Schoenfeld liked her dental technician job. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has taken up her case and written a letter of demand to the Dentac commander in Fort Meade, Maryland and the Clinical Dentistry Flight Commander in Washington.

No clue yet how the spirits might move them.


Anonymous said...

What year is this? Obviously not all the nuts are in the candies. I wouldn't be surprised if the fanatics would have been willing to burn her at the stake.

Dale Andrews said...

Sundays are taking on a Halloween visage. I'll pick up that ball and run with it next week!

janice law said...

The mind boggles!
You couldn't make this stuff up _ although must confess you do tend to find the weirdest examples!

Leigh Lundin said...

I agree, Anon and Janice. Who could imagine reporting this in 2015, but I suppose it demonstrates that no matter how we modernize, some things stay the same. And what a relief that bit of craziness didn’t occur in Florida.

Great, Dale! I look forward to your Halloween article next Sunday.

A Broad Abroad said...

This blows my mind! I'm with Anon – is this the 21st C?
I thought a tenant of law was one had the right to face, or at least know, one’s accuser.
Or does being deemed a witch deprive her of said right?
Or is it a military thing?
This sort of tripe makes my blood boil!

On a lighter note: how much candy, bought ‘for Halloween’(wink,wink), has already been consumed, with fresh supplies needed for the 31st - hmmm?

Leigh Lundin said...

I plead nolo contendre to your last question, ABA!