19 May 2013

The Digital Detective

by Leigh Lundin
bank vault

Due to the possibility of a publishing contract, I pulled the original story within hours of posting it. My apologies to one and all.

Look for Louis Willis next Sunday. Next month I return with a series on computer crimes.


  1. You should use this in a short story!
    It's perfect

  2. I agree with Janice. This is charming - as I lived many, many years in the Tennessee hills, you got it right!!! Thelma Straw in Manhattan - blogger on Crime Writers Chronicle

  3. Leigh, great story. Tell some more like that. And yep, write 'em up and submit 'em like Janice said.

  4. Great material, well told. That is thinking outside the box, as they say.

    I was interested to hear that people in the Shenandoah apparently have what we up in the northwest call a Canadian accent. When you are oot and aboot in British Columbia you hear it all the time. But there is a lot of Scottish blood up there, of course.

  5. Rob, as far as I recall, in that pocket between the Alleghenies and the Blue Ridge mountains, the rest of the vowels are soft and southern. I thought the same thing about 'oot', but in Criminal Brief, the hilarious (and certifiably Canadian) Ferguson brothers pointed out Canadians actually say 'oat' instead of 'oot'.

    Thank you, Thelma. It's a beautiful area, isn't it!

    Janice and RT, I hadn't thought about submitting it because the story was true, but I wasn't thinking about Readers Digest and similar markets. Hmm…

  6. Leigh, I have had many Canadians angrily deny that they say oot. With all due respect to our northern neighbors, they are wrong.

  7. I'm still giggling. And I'm jealous of Molly.


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