10 September 2021

Ten Rules For Writing Mystery Fiction

1. Write fiction.

2.  Include a crime or the threat of crime as a major element.

3. Keep the reader interested to the end.

4. Leave the reader wanting to encounter more of your work.

5. Optional.

6. Optional.

7. Optional.

8. Optional.

9. Optional.

10. Optional.


  1. Short, sweet, and absolutely 100% to the point.

  2. Elegant in its simplicity!

    But I have a question on #9. Is it optional?

  3. Thanks, Eve. Bob, the decision on that is, uh, optional.

  4. Oh, that's good!! This should be put in writing textbooks! reminds me of (Was it O. Henry? Or Hammett?) whos two rules for writing stopped with rule #2: "There is no rule two."


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