03 December 2020

Lighten the Mood Already

No charges, no grand jury, no nothing in the South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg case other than the investigators say he was driving distracted when he hit and killed Mr. Boever. Other than that, crickets. Since November 2. Of course, he is an elector, so maybe they're waiting until after December 14th.

South Dakota's COVID situation is just as bad as you've heard, and probably worse. 82,000 cases, 995 deaths and the population of the state is only 880,000. And Gov. Noem still won't do anything but look good on a horse.

But enough doom and gloom! Here's some of my favorite lighter things in life, so here's something lighter. There will be a [short] quiz at the end.

Exhibit 1: The Big Snit - perhaps my favorite animated feature of all time, outside of Wallace & Grommit.

One of my favorite Oscar moments, Sean Connery & Michael Caine eventually giving an award to Kevin Kline:

And why Kevin Kline won the Oscar: "Apes don't read philosophy." "Yes they do, they just don't understand it!"

Dr. Tongue's Evil House of Wax (from SCTV):

Salvador Dali on What's My Line. 'Nuff said.

Jimmy Stewart's favorite joke:

And my good friend and fellow SleuthSayer, Brian Thornton sent me a copy of his latest book, Suicide Blonde! Folks, it's great: three novellas of historical noir, and the lead off story should have a movie made of it with a Gloria Grahame lookalike as the lead. Maybe both leads. Thanks so much, Brian, and I loved it.

Stay safe, stay well, stay masked!

Which of the above is this a quote from?



  1. BTW, the link to Suicide Blonde is in the name above. Thanks again, Brian!

  2. Eve, I cheated and read the question before watching the videos. Hey, I need any EDGE I can get these days.

  3. I'd forgotten Snit. (That is an N in that word.) This time I paid attention to the background… too funny.

    I know John Candy came out of SCTV. Was that him in Dr. Tongue?

    I hadn't seen DalĂ­ there. Too good.

    Thanks, Eve.

    1. BTW, Eve, I love how the panel zeroed in on the solution.

  4. Yes, Leigh, that's John Candy as Dr. Tongue. Glad you like it!

  5. I really enjoyed it Eve. It was like a breath of fresh air. Great job, as usual.


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