12 April 2024

Paperback Writer

When I dreamed of writing a novel in high school – my goal was to be a paperback writer, like the song.

Twenty years after graduating from high school my first novel was published as a paperback original – GRIM REAPER. An early definition of a paperback book said it was of lower quality than a hardback original books and written for mass consumption. Yep, that was GRIM REAPER

I've been a paperback writer since (with occasional hardback editions of my paperbacks and lots of eBooks), so I hit the mark.

Along the way I learned how to write a short story and have had many published.

Trivia note: A Lennon-McCartney composition, written primarily by Paul, PAPERBACK WRITER was the first Beatles hit not about love. It was No.1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in 1966. I loved growing up with 60's music (and some 70s).

With 48 books published (36 novels, 10 short story collections, 2 non-fiction books), I'm still a paperback writer (trade paperbacks now). #49 coming out this summer.

A quick word of caution to writers like me who have a number of books available for sale online. Expressing your political views can drop your sales dramatically and keep them down indefinitely.




  1. "Expressing your political views can drop your sales dramatically and keep them down indefinitely."
    That, or make you the author du jour for a while. But yeah, it's a huge risk. Kill all the people you want, but don't mention politics.

  2. So true, Eve and O'Neil. I'm glad you wrote this post, O'Neil. I had no idea you had so many novels out! (My 18th is out soon, and you make me feel like a debutante!) Congratulations, Sir! Melodie

  3. That's a great track record for publications.
    I just finished reading "Flesh Wounds" in Murder Neat. Nice story.


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