10 March 2023

Echoing "Get Involved"

R.T. Lawton’s SleuthSayers post of February 26th provides excellent advice. If any of you missed it, it’s entitled – ”Get Involved.”

R.T. advises writers to “attend a few writers conferences” and explains about striking up conversations, maybe volunteer, attend receptions. Networking. Meet other writers, editors, publishers, agents. He also advises writers to join local writer’s organizations and run for office.

Excellent advice.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read some things posted by John Floyd and Barb Goffman and others echoing some of this.

Michael Bracken recently posted about writers improving their craft in workshop settings if you can find one. Again, good advice.

I don’t take that advice for a number of reasons I do not want to explain. The fault is in me. It’s just the way I am. I just write. As I age, I find writing easier, ideas keep coming and the passion remains to pound each idea out of the block of marble into something smooth.

I keep pulling away from socializing and find that I’ve offended friends on occasion, writers I admire, for not accepting invitations to socialize. I’m more withdrawn these days.

Did not intend to make this blog about me but I have been asked by friends about these things, so there it is.

So, do what the others say instead of what I do.

Get involved with other writers, editors, publishers, agents.

Short Mystery Fiction Society lunch at the Napoleon House Restaurant during
New Orleans Bouchercon, 2016. Lot of familiar faces.

I was there. I took the picture.

That's all for now.


  1. Took off my people blinder after reading the post (it has keyboard slots only) and decided to venture out, see who's out there. Conferences---oh what fun those first few years. Met so many people, wonderful writers, some of the greats. Lenard Elmore blew me away with his candor. Lee Childs almost aristocratic in style, manners, Nora Roberts, shy, polite. DeLaney, Connelly... Long list. The local orgs I belonged to where interesting, but honestly more social than 'business'. (I still support them financially and in spirit.) One day I woke up and said, "I'm wasting so much time". The conference cities were interesting of course...but when you've been there, done that...then what. I'll continue to support the organizations as much as possible because others need them so very much. I love reading so judge when I can, too. And often help aspiring writers who surely will become very successful by providing material, moral support and sharing resources. One in Houston, at 18, is going to be very well known when he gets over his fear of failure. All in all, I've become a lone writer who enjoys more the characters on each page than going out and beating the bushes. O'Neil De Noux let's start our own 'no attendees or communication' writing group. Okay, people blinders back on. Cheers,

  2. Elizabeth Dearborn10 March, 2023 13:33

    As an introvert, the last thing I ever want to do is socialize. However I'm now in my second term as secretary of our block club. Does that count?

  3. I certainly understand, which is probably why Covid quarantine advice was easier for me to handle than for many. I used to force myself out, but for the past three years I've had an excuse not to. But no question– those who have hi-EQ social skills have a distinct advantage.

  4. O'Neil, there are indeed a lot of familiar faces in that last shot at Napoleon House--we had a great time there that day. In fact that Bouchercon was one of my favorite conferences ever. Thanks for the memories.

  5. O'Neil, I have a feeling that you and I have similar personalities...


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