26 December 2012

Boxing Day Special

by Robert Lopresti

It is December 26th, Boxing Day, the Day of Christmas Past, and I am guessing you are not looking for intense intellectual stimulation.  No, you are suffering from figgy pudding bloat and egg nog hangover, and would probably prefer something light.  I aim to please.

Take a look at the wonderful gifties your friends have provided you this holiday season.  Perhaps you are now thinking "before next year I have to get a better class of friends."

Now, now.  Behave yourself.  Consider what they could have imposed on you instead.  At these pages here and here you will find hundreds of actual books that are (or were) available for purchase.  And yet they didn't give you any of them.  For example:

Looking at these classics you did not unwrap may make those chartreuse socks look better by comparison, I hope.  Happy holidays, folks.


Velma said...

Combining titles might help, Bobby: How To Live with an Idiot in a Bus Garage and A New Look at Amish Wife Swapping.

Eve Fisher said...

I want to read that book, Velma!
You could also have been given the book "The Playboy Sheik's Virgin Stable Girl" - for a hilarious review of what must be one of the worst books ever written, please check this out:

And what is wrong with chartreuse socks? You can always put them on the dog... :)

David Dean said...

A serious study on wife-swapping has been long overdue. It's about time that...hold it, Robin's coming up the stairs--gotta go!

Herschel Cozine said...

My wife is interested in "How To Live with An Idiot." I'd get it for her if I thought it would help.

Anonymous said...
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